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And Move

In The Direction

of Their Dreams

The past is only part

of the story

Unlock limitless potential, by soaring to new heights and discovering an unstoppable future!

What are people saying about Dr. Ife?

"Dr. Ife has a unique ability to draw you in. She makes you want to hear what she has to say, whether you want to hear it or not. She is a truth teller. The truth won't always make you feel good, but it will set you free... she is the real deal. When Dr. Ife speaks... I listen...Period."
Host | Derrick Boazman
Too Much Truth
1380 WAOK



Healthcare, Legal & Safety Providers

Assisting service providers who regularly interact with trauma survivors to understand the signs, prevent, and recover from secondary trauma or compassion fatigue.

Women Leaders

Assisting women to harness their potential and lead with confidence.

Mental Health Professionals

Providing training in culturally responsive trauma recovery

Speaking Audiences Have Included:

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