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Dr. Ifetayo Ojelade

Transformational Speaker  | Author

Experience the Life You Deserve!

What behaviors are keeping you stuck ?

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Dr. Ifetayo Ojelade is the resident psychologist for the Derrick Boazman Show on 1380 WAOK in the Atlanta market and is affectionately known as Dr. Ife. She is a mother and budding lap swimmer whose claim to fame is traveling on the road with her nursing infant and cloth diapers for 10 months! Dr. Ife is a Transformational Speaker & Licensed Psychologist who assists people in healing in order to take their careers and personal lives to the next level.

"Dr. Ife spoke to our faculty and presented a dynamic new way of understanding trauma and the recovery process.”
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Dr. Monique Earl-Lewis

Director, Faculty Development

Morehouse College


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